Laying the Foundation of a New Political Era

Today is the dawn of a new political era. Our democracy is badly damaged after years of division. The health of our economy and our people is struggling to rebound from the Covid-19 crisis. Washington needs new leaders who understand the working people of our country and have bold solutions to build a stronger American society for the 21st century.

As your representative, I will serve the 11th Congressional District with a focus on transparency and serving all constituents irrespective of their backgrounds.

I will be a 24/7 community servant, fighting for the resources and reforms that our people desperately need and solving the problems they send me to Washington to solve.

The primary issues of my campaign are based on a Seven Point Pledge:

  • To secure and protect affordable healthcare for all.
  • To grow and develop our economy while protecting working families, who always carry the burden of our economy on their shoulders.
  • To secure more educational and enrichment resources for all K-12 schools, including expanding programs and resources for our special-needs population.
  • To promote the development and growth of small and mid-sized businesses, especially given the effects of the ongoing health and economic crisis.
  • To reform and strengthen our law enforcement systems so that they provide adequate safety and protection for our families.
  • To improve the infrastructure on Staten Island including building a new public hospital, more affordable housing, and much-needed bridges, tunnels and roads to reduce traffic congestion.
  • To protect voting rights by making the voting process more simple and accessible for all eligible voters.

By providing much-needed support and reform to our schools and businesses, we’ll bolster the working families on whom the backbone of our economy rests.

This is just the start. Check back soon for more on our plans for a strong and resilient American society!